Nasıl gözlerimi $3,000 Dijital para portföy döndü $100,000 içinde 6 aylar 2017

Ocak ayında 2016, Bitcoin düşen sonra yeniden yükselmeye başlar etmişti 2014. Bazı dijital paraları madencilik başlama kararı, bu durumda sadece Bitcoin tekrar gitmeye başladı olduğu. Benim niyeti iken mayın başka madeni para iadesinin gitmek daha iyi olacağını düşündüm Bitcoin maden ve. I decided to mine Ethereum.

I used various software to mine Ethereum but eventually used MinerGate due to the fact that I could mine in the background automatically when I booted up the PC. MinerGate allowed me to mine using the GPU and CPU. bu nedenle, I mined Ethereum on the AMD Radeon R295x2 and Bytecoin on the Intel i7.

At the start of 2017 the portfolio value was $3000. Both Ethereum and ByteCoin prices soared in 2017 and now in mid 2017 the portfolio value stands at $100,000.

Ethereum fiyatları yükseldi 3000% içinde 2017

Ethereum fiyatları yükseldi 3000% içinde 2017

MinerGate is a GUI software for Camlar, Mac, Linux ve Android. It is easier to use than other mining software. Normal mining software runs in the command shell and there is no GUI. Also you have to manage your own digital wallets to store your digital coins. MinerGate has your digital wallets in one place. Just sign up for an account at MinerGate and install the software. Then choose the digital currencies you would like to mine and check the box to start the software when the PC boots up. You can forget about the software whilst your coins are deposited to your wallet.

Click the button below which opens the MinerGate website, then click the Sign Up button to sign up for an account. Log in to your new account on the MinerGate website and click the Downloads link in the top navigation and download the correct software for your PC or smart-phone platform.

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