Bi o lati gba Microsoft ifọwọsi ni owo itetisi?

Ebun kan MCSE: Business oye certification will qualify for a position as a BI and reporting engineer. It shows your employer or potential employer that you are technically competant at using Business Intelligence Software Tools.

Ni ibere lati gba awọn MCSE jùlọ ni Business itetisi nilo lati ṣe 5 idanwo.

Awọn idanwo ti beere fun ni bi wọnyi:

Ko si kẹhìn Akọle
70-461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Books
70-462 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Apoti isura infomesonu Books
70-463 Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Books

Lẹhin awọn ipari loke 3 idanwo ti o yoo jo'gun kan Microsoft ifọwọsi solusan láti (MCSA): SQL Server 2012 iwe eri

70-466 Ba nse Data Models ati awọn Iroyin pẹlu Microsoft SQL Server
70-467 Nse Business itetisi solusan pẹlu Microsoft SQL Server

Number ti awọn Ìbéèrè: 45-55 Feleto.
Ran O wole: 700
The passing score does not mean a pass mark of 70%. The pass mark percentage varies from exam to exam depending on the questions given and therefore can be less than or more than 70%. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
Aago: 120 iṣẹju

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