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How to fix the Magisk SafetyNet Check ctsProfile false problem in Magisk 13 & 14?

You may get a SafetyNet ctsProfile false after running a check in Magisk. To fix this first try enabling Magisk Hide from the Magisk settings. Magisk Hide however does not work properly on all devices. To fix this problem download and install Universal SafetyNet Fix. The installation is done through TWRP. Click the button below to go to


How to edit a function in a table in an OpenOffice Writer document?

OpenOffice Writer has a neat trick of using formulas in an ordinary table. Typing = in any cell in a table brings up the Formula toolbar and you can type a formula a formula in a similar way as you would do in a spreadsheet application. Once you have the formula in the cell, you


How to set up Docker Quickstart Terminal in Cmder?

The following shows how to set up the Docker Quickstart Terminal in Cmder. Enter the Setup tasks screen Keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + T Via menu + button -> Setup tasks…. Expand Startup and Choose Tasks Add a new Predefined task Keyboard shortcut Alt + ការ​ផ្លាស់​ប្តូ​រ + + Via Menu + button Name the