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How to create a folder/directory with the folder/directory’s name as today’s date in Windows Powershell?

ni -it d (get-date).toString(‘dd.M.yy’) The above in it’s full form isnew-item -itemtype directory (get-date).toString(‘dd.M.yy’)…


How to start, stop, restart and list services in Debian Linux?

You require to be root to execute the following commands successfully. su Start a service service {service name} start Example service sshd start Stop a service service {service name} stop Example service sshd stop Restart a service service {service name} restart Example service sshd stop List all services servicestatus-all Output


How to install and configure SSH server on Debian Linux?

Installing and testing the SSH Server You will need to be root to do the followingsu Install SSH Server apt install openssh-server Check if the server process exists. This indicates the install went well. ps -A | grep sshd Output (or similar): 1753 ? 00:00:00 sshd Install SSH Client to check the