Tinye SkyFonts Akara ókwú ka Inkscape

Use the following steps to add fonts to inkscape Make sure inkscape is closed Navigate to the install path of inkscape (usually C:\Program Files\Inkscape) Go to the \etc\fonts\conf.d directory Open 51-local.conf in notepad++ (notepad ma ọ bụ ndị ọzọ ederede nchịkọta akụkọ dị mma, ma ọ bụrụ na ị na-adịghị notepad ++) Add the following line under the <-agụnye ignore_missing =”ee”>local.conf</-agụnye> akara: <ị>C:\Users\{onye ọrụ}\AppData\Roaming\Monotype\skyfonts-google</ị> Make sure to