Est HYIP website a scam? Lorem ipsum dolor is owned by a company registered in the UK called Bitminerals Limited. It claims on the website to be licensed by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Maxime ad cu deponendi pecuniam petat princeps redit quod facere. Ut pro exemplo, 116% postquam 3 diebus.

Ut in ipsis experiretur site, Me ergo positum est $10 depositum 7 diebus. This should get me a return of 160%. The details of my membership and experience with the website is below.

Date sunt numerati cum website: 20 August 2015
Moles deposita: $10
Date deposita: 21 August 2015
Promerendae a deposit: $13
Recessus petitionem: 28 August 2015

Subtractionem impetrandam $13 fiebat 28 Aug 2015. The site says that it pays in 24 horis. I still have not received any payment, ergo non est hoc site abstinere debent reddere. Review





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  • Does not pay

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