Est ieiunium pecuniam facere online website a scam?

The Carbon7 Lorem ipsum dolor allows an easy investment to give high returns in a short time period. Most websites like this can be a scam claiming to offer high returns and then not giving the investor their initial investment let alone any profits.

Carbon7 is an investment platform that invests on your behalf into various carbon products. It has two investment plans that you can choose from:

  1. princeps redeuntia7% cotidie 30 diebus
  2. 110% weekly

Ut in ipsis experiretur site, Me ergo positum est $25 depositum 30 diebus. This should get me a return of 7% cotidie 30 diebus. The details of my membership and experience with the website is below.

Date sunt numerati cum website: 15 August 2015
Moles deposita: $25
Date deposita: 16 August 2015
Promerendae a deposit: $38.5
Depositum probatæ monetæ publicæ: SolidTrustPay
Recessus petitionem: 15 September 2015
Recessus petitionem amount: $6.75

Postquam 30 dies mei initial depositum custodiendi $25 adultus excitur $38.5. I have reinvested $31.75 in the same 30 die consilium et retraxit $6.75.

Primum recessum rogaret $6.75 fiebat 15 September 2015. The site says that it pays in 48 horis. The payment reached my SolidTrustPay 2 hours later. So it seems that this site is paying and is good. The Carbon7 site will be monitored and the next payment will be requested in November and updated here.

Update 16/11/2015

A recessus rogaret $54.30 fiebat 14 Nov 2015. The carbon7 say they will make the payment within 24 horis. The time has exceeded 24 et merces non est horas. It seems the site has now collapsed and has gone into scam status.

Infra tamen merces history:

 Withdrawal dateWithdrawal amountPayment date
1.15 Sep 2015$6.7515 Sep 2015
2.15 Oct 2015$11.9516 Oct 2015
3.14 Nov 2015$54.30Still pending

Si vis ad eandem obsidionem, vos mos postulo ut profiteretur cum Carbon7. Once registered you will need to login and make a minimum deposit of $25. Deposits can only be made by one the following methods:

EGO would suadeo via aegri depositis, Payeer quod sino vos ut uti card Vinco- Visa pecto aut deposita, quamvis paratus sit providere scanned IDs et probationem address. They may also ask for other scanned documents to verify your account.

Tu autem induere vestibus tuis semel deposita Carbon7 consilium delecti. After the plan expires the money and profits will be available to withdraw.


The following is the commendatae way to invest.

  1. Register habentes divinationis pretium probatæ monetæ publicæ Payeer per clicking hic
  2. Ficare tua Payeer propter vade et pone minimum $25 Magister via card-
  3. Profiteretur cum Carbon7 per clicking hic
  4. Facere depositum in Carbon7 ex bisque inde eroga Payeer
  5. Durante Carbon7 consilium vestri investment durationem crescet. This is your passive income, non habet quicquam.
  6. Expectantes promissum tuum Carbon7 exspirare et eligere ad consilium reinvest aut subducta initial depositum plus prodest Review





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  1. Venus

    Sadly it become a scam 🙁 I lost 250$ in BTC

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