Kanjani ukulungisa Magisk SafetyNet Hlola nkinga zamanga ctsProfile e Magisk 13 & 14?

You may get a SafetyNet ctsProfile false after running a check in Magisk. To fix this first try enabling Magisk Hide from the Magisk settings. Magisk Hide however does not work properly on all devices.

To fix this problem download and install Universal SafetyNet Fix. The installation is done through TWRP. Click the button below to go to the Universal SafetyNet Fix download page.

Download Universal SafetyNet Fix

Ngemva kokufaka, it hides root and the SafetyNet to almost all apps. You also should now pass the SafetyNet Check in Magisk.

Kanjani ukulungisa Magisk SafetyNet Hlola ctsProfile zamanga


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