Carane Gunung panyimpenan nggunakake MTP ing TWRP nggunakake LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone ing Windows 10?

Update TWRP

Ensure to have the latest version of TWRP

  1. Download the latest version of TWRP for Le Max 2 kene

  2. Ensure your phone is booted into Android OS

    Nyalin file sing didownload menyang ROOT saka pemisahan data

  3. Boot in TWRP (Power ing + volume munggah)

  4. pilih Instal

  5. Pencet tombol Instal Image ing sisih tengen ngisor

  6. Golek lan tutul TWRP file .img

  7. Pilih Recovery

  8. Swipe to confirm Flash

  9. Bali menyang layar utama TWRP

    Urip maneh -> Recovery



  1. In TWRP, go to Mount and ensure Data is checked and MTP is enabled

  2. Connect the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone to the PC via USB

  3. Open up device manager

    Search -> Type ‘Device’ -> Click Device Manager

  4. You should see Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface

    Right click Android Composite ADB Interface -> Update driver -> Search automatically for updated driver software

    The driver should update to the latest version

  5. Go to Other devices -> MTP

    You should see an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle

    Right click MTP -> Update driver

  6. Choose Browse my computer for driver software

  7. Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

  8. Choose:

    Manufacturer: Standard MTP Device

    Model: MTP USB Device

    Click Next and then Yes

  9. Click Close

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