Initiative Q Review – The next big digital currency?

What is Initiative Q?

Initiative Q is a project aiming to create the world’s best payment method.

The difference between this and cryptocurrency projects is that Initiative Q has a strategy of targeting early adopters. It has started it’s campaign by launching an invite only model, and has started giving away huge amounts of crypto to early adopters.

A max of 2 trillion coins will be issued, and the aim is a single coin will be worth $1. One of the main problems with many cryptocurrencies is it’s lack of adoption or users. Initiative Q 1st aim is to create a critical mass of users and then build the world’s best payment method.

Initiative Q might use cryptocurrency technology but this is yet to be decided.

Using the latest technologies, the aim is to create the best payment method, with low fees, fast payments, easy to use and fraud free. Using an app scan your item and walk out, this is their idea of ease of use. Fraud is prevented by harnessing fingerprint sensors, GPS, cameras and microphones. Initiative Q also want to have the ability to reverse transactions, which Bitcoin does not have. Initiative Q will also reach out to people that are not able to open a bank account.


Is it popular?

If you are active on social media then you might have already come across Initiative Q. Just check out the following Google Trends graph. The term ‘Initiative Q’ has overtaken the word ‘Ethereum’ on Google Trends.

Initiative Q Review - The next big project

Initiative Q Review – The next big project

Also, Initiative Q have just announced they have over 2 million sign ups. Not bad for a company that was active on social media from around May 2018.


Invitation Only

To sign up to Initiative Q you have to have an invitation from someone. They send you the link via email or social media and then you sign up from that link. Upon signup you get Q4,945 of crypto.


Is it a pyramid scheme?

With a pyramid scheme, the early adopter invests some money or crypto, and then gets rewarded for referring others. The early adopters get the most rewards and profits heavily from the scheme, and funds from new investors are distributed to the early adopters. The people at the bottom of the pyramid are most likely to make a loss on their investment especially if the project collapses. With Initiative Q there is no initial investment, you just sign up. It is free and there is no investment at all requested. With Initiative Q, everyone profits as there is no initial investment involved.


Is it too late to sign up?

It is not too late to sign up, as you can see from the Google Trends graph. This has just started to move up, and Google Trends has also forecast that it’s popularity will continue to go up in the coming months. It is just at the early stages and has has a long way to go. Also this is not an ICO where you have to make an investment, it is free to sign up, therefore there is nothing to lose.


Will Initiative Q be the next big thing?

It is hard to tell as the Initiative Q has just started it’s initial stage of amassing huge amounts of users. It’s when we see later stages, when the payment system is implement, that we can judge if this project will be successful. It has a team with links to Paypal so the project does seem strong



I have only limited invitations, therefore it is 1st come 1st serve basis.

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