How to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 26

Installing Virtualbox Guest Additions enables seamless mouse integrations and allows to set higher desktop resolutions. Other features include shared folders, accelerated 3D graphics and 2D video, seamless ປ່ອງຢ້ຽມ, exchange data bit between guest and host, time sync., shared clipboards and automated logins.

Follow the steps to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora 26:

  1. Activate the root user
  2. Update to the latest kernel then restart
    dnf update kernel*
  3. Select Install Guest Additions CD imagefrom the device drop down menu
    Install VirtualBox Guest Additions Menu

    Install VirtualBox Guest Additions CD imageMenu

  4. Mount the Guest Additions CD image
    mkdir /media/vbga
    mount -r /dev/cdrom /media/vbga
  5. Install the required dependencies
    dnf install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms make bzip2 perl
  6. Add the KERN_DIR environment variable
    1. Navigate to the kernels directory
      cd /usr/src/kernels
    2. List the contents of the kernels directory
    3. Navigate to the directory with the latest version of the kernel
      cd 4.12.13-300.fc26.x86_64
    4. Get the current working directory
    5. Create the environment variable path using the path from step 6D
       export KERN_DIR={pwd path goes here}


      export KERN_DIR=/usr/src/kernels/4.12.13-300.fc26.x86_64
  7. Run the VirtualBox Guest Additions installation
  8. Once the installation is complete reboot the system

VirtualBox Guest Additions should now be installed and working.

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