Jinsi ya mgodi Ethereum(ETH), NA KADHALIKA, AEON, BE, XDN, FCN, INF8 & QCN kwa nyuma juu ya Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Ethereum(NA KADHALIKA) bei zimepanda 3000% katika 2017. Ethereum inaweza kuchimbwa kwenye PC yoyote au smartphone na programu ya madini. Madini fedha digital kama Ethereum inahitaji maarifa ya kiufundi kuhusu programu ya kompyuta, amri shell na sarafu digital. Kwa Kompyuta kuanza, inahitaji utafiti fulani kuhusu madini digital fedha.

Ethereum prices have soared 3000% katika 2017

Ethereum prices have soared 3000% katika 2017

You will need to have knowledge about the hardware required and then download and configure the correct mining software with the correct settings. Once you have done this the software will run in the foreground, and if you use the PC for other tasks the mining software can interfere. The point is for a beginner all this can be cumbersome.

Thankfully there is software that does all the above straight out of the box. You can be mine the following digital currencies either concurrently or you can choose which digital currency/currencies you would like to mine.

  • Zcash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Bytecoin;
  • Monero;
  • FantomCoin;
  • QuazarCoin;
  • DigitalNote;
  • MonetaVerde;
  • Dashcoin;
  • Aeon coin;
  • Infinium-8;

All that is required is software that works on Madirisha, Linux or Mac. Register and sign in to an account for your digital wallets and then choose the currency/currencies you choose to mine. You can even choose between CPU and GPU mining. Choose to start mining as soon as your computer starts. This is all done in a easy to use GUI.

Download the MinerGate mining software and easily mine by clicking the button below. Once the MinerGate tovuti opens after clicking the button, choose the Sign Up button. Once your have an account, login and choose Downloads from the top navigation menu, then Download the correct software version for your PC or smartphone platform.

Download Miner

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