Miten liikkua muistilappuja Windows yhdestä tietokoneesta toiseen?

Sticky notes can be a handy tool for quickly make task lists on the desktop of Windows 7, Windows 8 ja Windows 8.1.

When I bought my new laptop, I found that if was essential for me to move the sticky notes from my old laptop to my new one.

Fortunately moving the sticky notes is not a difficult task. It is a case of finding a single file and copying it to the same location on the new computer.

To locate the Sticky Notes file, the following location needs to be copied and pasted into Windows Explorer:

%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\

Screenshot 2014-04-06 21.44.07

You will need to copy the file StickyNotes.snt to the same location on your new computer. If you have not run Sticky Notes on your new computer, you will have to run it and then close it otherwise the file location will not exist.

To get the StickyNotes.snt file to my new laptop, use a file syncing service like Dropbox.

Once the file has been copied to the same location on your new computer, run Sticky Notes. You will find your Sticky Notes just as it was on your old computer.

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