Aconsegueix Bitcoins gratuïtes i altres monedes digitals sobre una base diària

Què és bitcoin

Bitcoin is a complete form of digital money in which the money can be transferred between two people instantly. Una analogia dir que els diners pot ser transferit a l'instant en la velocitat d'un correu electrònic.

It’s a peer to peer digital currency network discovered by a computer software programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. The ultimate aim of this system is to produce the money transactions electronically with very less transaction fees.

Features of Bitcoin:

Decentralized network: Bitcoin is not managed or controlled by any central network system.

Setup: Setting up an account on bank is a bit vague task and sometimes it holds a huge process, but bitcoin allows us to open the account within few seconds with no asked questions.

Anonymous: A user can have n number of bitcoin addresses.

Fees: Bitcoin doesn’t charge anything with youTransaction fee is completely free or otherwise it charge very less.

Instant: Unless any other transfer system, bitcoin payments process takes only less minutes.


Get the free bitcoin wallet

Our wallet system is entirely free and you can make the worldwide transfers for FREE. It is like a separate bank running on your own risk. As I mentioned earlier Bitcoin is not operated by anyone. Bitcoin doesn’t look of your transactions, viewing balances and other entities.

Why we need to go for Bitcoin: Own Bank

International: Anyone can transfer the money from any place in the world

Secure wallet: Our wallet is highly encrypted to save your money from hackers and thieves. No malicious code will attack our secure spam filtering system. All your information are encrypted with rich security system.

Mobile and Desktop: It can be accessed using your mobile and desktop machines.

Other Features:

  • Free, No Fees
  • Risk free customer side encryption
  • Validació de les mesures de seguretat d'alt nivell
  • Notificacions de pagament per correu electrònic

Aconsegueix Bitcoins gratis

Unir-se al nostre sistema que està costa res! És totalment GRATIS. Una vegada que el procés d'unió de superar, acreditarem la seva cartera amb QoinPro 0.00000250 Bitcoins , 0.00007671 LiteCoins , 0.00604838 FeatherCoins , 0.24640460 Virtacoins , 0.00056826 PeerCoins i 0.00004063 DarkCoins. Additioanlly, cada dia la seva cartera QionPro està ple dels nostres crèdits.

Diari (Incloent Dissabte i Diumenge de) les monedes següents s'afegiran a saldos dels seus comptes de forma automàtica.

  • Bitcoin: 0.00000002 BTC * Bons addicionals
  • Litecoin: 0.00000036 LTC * Bons Addicionals
  • FeatherCoin: 0.00002827 FTC * Bons addicionals
  • Virtacoin: 0.03577794 VTA * Bons addicionals
  • PeerCoin: 0.00000630 PPC * Bons addicionals
  • DarkCoin: 0.00000040 DRK * Bons addicionals

Get started at QoinPro:

"QuinPro no només ajuda a la gent a comprar Bitcoin també ens guia a accedir ràpidament al sistema de pagament segur"

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