Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PC Review and Buy for Cheap

When choosing a football game there is only really 2 choices.  One is FIFA Soccer and the other is Pro Evolution Soccer.  For me the gameplay has always been better on PES for the reason that it feels more realistic.  So, is the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer worth it.

The problem with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 again as usual is the licensing.  First impressions after playing with the game for 3 days is that the Liverpool FC kit is missing and of course the names of many teams are changed.  Teams like Everton are called Mersyside Blue and Liverpool is Merseyside Red etc… This is throughout the game with kits, badges and team names.

Apart from this PES plays very well.  This time there is a balance between football tactics, in-game physics, AI and the excitement, fluidity and fun.  This is a game for the avid football fan as well as casual gamers.  You can delve into the different competitions or go into career mode.  This is also a game where you can just pick up the game controller and start to play.

The gameplay brings realism where the game can hinge on the on-field battle between winning a tackle to winning a header.  Every single pass, touch and control count towards you either winning or losing the game.

The graphics of the game are also outstanding with realistic faces and movement for your favourite players.  Player movements also match the movement of real life players.  The animations are accurate enough to recognise the player even if they were wearing a morph suit.

PES is a team game and it is the only football game where you would worry about a yellow card in-case it turns into a red card.  Being down to 10 men really does bring a massive disadvantage to your team.  One player being out of position could be the opportunity for the opposition.  This shows the realism of the game.

VerdictOverall PES 2016 is a must buy for any football fan.  It has the fun and excitement for any gamer.  The animations, game options and in-game physics make this the current number one football game out now.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016





  • Slick gameplay
  • Great animation
  • Fantastic collision detection
  • Fun & exciting


  • None

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