Top 10 saịtị na-eme ka & irite free ego online (ka $10,000+ dollar a ọnwa

The following are sites where you are able to easily make money by clicking ad. Sites that pay for clicking adverts are called paid-to-click (PTC). These sites also usually give other options to make money such as revenue sharing and referrals.

To get started is easy. All you have to do is register with the site. Once registered you might need to activate your account and then login. Once logged in click on the earnings area or equivalent button. Here you will be shown a list of ads. Click on an ad and then you will have to wait for some seconds. Once you have waited complete the question and you will have the amount added to your balance.

Ụzọ ndị ọzọ nke na-eme ego site na ndị a na saịtị ndị ịzụta revenue nkekọrịta adpacks nke ga-enye gị a laghachi. For example if you buy an adpack for $10 ụfọdụ saịtị ga-enye gị a laghachi na ulo oru mbo site n'ikere òkè na saịtị revenue na gị. If you were to refer someone to the site the site will also pay per referral or pay per transaction of anyone you refer.

Olee otú ị pụrụ isi mee?

The amount you make depends on how much time you spend on it at the beginning. These sites allow you to make money by clicking on ads but also allow you to make money through other means also. If you register on each site then the earning potential can be $2000+ kwa saịtị dị ka ego ad clicks, revenue nkekọrịta ad ngwugwu zụta na referrals.

Ebe a na-m enwetakwa mgbe mmalite otu akaụntụ 4 ụbọchị gara aga.

Ebe a na-m enwetakwa mgbe mmalite otu akaụntụ 4 ụbọchị gara aga.


Top Iri na saịtị

M mere a ndepụta nke top iri saịtị na-pụrụ ịdabere. There are many scam sites that claim to pay you a lot. The list below have a status. If I have received money into my bank account from these any site then it’s status will be changed to Withdrawal Confirmed. Na saịtị ọ bụla ebe m ka na-ma na-arịọ a ugwo ga-enwe ọnọdụ rue mgbe. All sites will be monitored and the status will be changed accordingly.

Ndị na-esonụ na-họọrọ dị ka àgwà nke saịtị. Dị pịa na ihe ọ bụla nke njikọ n'okpuru ka malitere.

No.Site NameStatus
2AdbrookWithdrawal Confirmed
3Traffic MonsoonWithdrawal Confirmed
6Passive EarnerPending
8Bank AdzPending

Ndenye ntụziaka na-esi mee ka ego si PTC / ad revenue sharing sites

  1. Deba aha na otu nke saịtị na ndepụta n'elu. Traffic Monsoon is the best place to start
  2. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-achọghị ịkwụnye ego n'ime saịtị ahụ na ịpị ugwo Mgbasaozi bụ nchebe ụzọ na-akpata ego. Simply go to the cash links section or the view ads section of the site and click on the ads.
  3. Ọ bụrụ na ị chọrọ ka oké njọ ego mgbe ahụ ị ga-mkpa ịzụta ihe revenue nkekọrịta ad ngwugwu. In this case you would need to sign up to at least 2 sites or more from the above list. Each site will give you promotion material such as banners and referral links.
  4. Ozugbo ị bịanyere aka ruo saịtị ọzọ ịzụta a adpack si 1st saịtị na ị bịanyere aka elu na. Set up the adpack with the promotional materials (ọkọlọtọ na referal njikọ) si 2nd saịtị. Now you will earn money on the 1st site through the sites revenue sharing program and you will earn money on the 2nd site through referrals.
  5. Banye na ihe saịtị na ndepụta ma tinye zuo ad-ngwugwu maka ha kwa. This way you will get more referrals and revenue share. The more ad-packs you purchase and websites you sign up for the more your earning potential
  6. Cheta ịzụta ad ngwugwu dị ka onye na ego na ị ga na laghachi mbụ ego nọrọ.

Ịzụta Adpacks

Iji ịzụta adpacks ị ga-mkpa ugwo ahịa akaụntụ. Paypal is the most common. You may also want to open an account with the following:

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