Add to Inkscape SkyFonts Pelvis

Use the following steps to add fonts to inkscape

  1. Make sure inkscape is closed
  2. Navigo ut install in via Inkscape (usually C:\Program Files\Inkscape)
  3. Go to the \etc\fonts\conf.d directory
    Inkscape configuration lima font
  4. LI, in aperto local.conf nota ++ (Text Emendator Nota vel alius est finis, Nota ++ si non)
  5. Add the following line under the <etiam ignore_missing =”Etiam”>local.conf</etiam> acies:

    Planto certus iter mutare viam velis addere fontes

    Inkscape Skyfonts

  6. Servo lima, et claude

Sed cum vos satus vestri Inkscape font habeant.

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