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How to set up Cmder’s “Cmder Here” context menu integration in Windows 10 Windows Explorer and launch Cmder in a new window with Windows PowerShell

Cmder’s Windows Explorer context menu option ‘Open Cmder Here’ is handy to open cmder from Windows Explorer, whilst keeping the same path.   We will also be changing Cmder’s default startup shell, from cmd to PowerShell.   The following steps will enable the context menu in Windows 10, and ensures the current path in Windows…

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How to configure the Windows Defender Firewall for sharing drives in Docker?

Docker prevents sharing drives and presents the Firewall detected dialog. “A firewall is blocking file Sharing between Windows and the containers.  See documentation for more info.” To prevent the above, set up the Windows Defender Firewall to allow the port 445 TCP connection. By default the Windows Defender Firewall blocks TCP port 445 connections.  The…

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