How to change the default page in a new tab in Firefox 28 and Firefox 29?

When opening a new tab in Firefox 28 and 29, it always shows the standard Firefox New Tab Page.

Often you may be wanting to set the new tab page to another page such as Google Search or any other web page.  Firefox does not have an option to change the page from the standard options menu.

However you can go to Firefox configuration and then specify the web page that Firefox should load when opening a new tab.

The following are steps to this:

  1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the address bar and press enterFirefox 29 address bar
  2. Click the button ‘ I’ll be carful, I promise! ‘I'll be careful, I promise button
  3. In the search: type browser.newtab.urlFirefox browser.newtab.url about:config Option
  4. Double click the browser.newtab.url line that shows in the results
  5. Enter the full URL (e.g. that you would like to open when opening a new tab and click OKFirefox Choose New Tab Page

Once you click OK, there is no need to restart Firefox, just open a new tab and the page that you have set should appear.

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