Display android smartphone notifications on Windows 7/8.1 desktop / laptop / tablet PCs

Connecting your android smartphone to your Windows desktop or laptop PC, gives many advantages such as being able to charge your phone or ignore notifications that are not important whilst you are using your Windows desktop or laptop PC.

There are 2 main android apps that are easily the best at allowing you to do this. They are:

  • Pushbullet
  • Airdroid

Both apps require you to download Windows software, which the apps then use to send the notification to the laptop / desktop.

Let’s have closer look at both the apps side by side.

The Android App Interfaces


Airdroid Screenshot

Airdroid shows all the options on the screen as soon as you open the app


Pushbullet Screenshot

Pushbullet shows your activity and notification feeds as soon as the app is opened

Airdroid seems to have more features when the app is opened. Pushbullet does have an activity feed which shows all the manual pushes to your desktop as well as subscribed feed notifications.



File Transfer

Transfer files from your phone to your desktop. Files can be Text, Photos, Camera, Music or Videos. Airdroid allows to transfer multiple files at any one time.

File Manager

Airdroid has a simple file manager.


Share your mobile connection


Enable USB tethering


Booster frees RAM by closing apps.


This is an app manager that allows to uninstall apps

Find phone

Visit a web browser and enter the airdroid url to find your phone.


Share your mobile data connection with other devices.


Enable USB tethering


File Transfer

Transfer files from your phone to your desktop. Files can be Note, Link, Photo and File. Files can only be transferred one at a time.


Pushbullet allows following channel feeds, which allows to receive latest news from followed channels.

Examples of things to follow are TopGear, Android and more…

Add Friends

If you know anybody registered with pushbullet then you will be able to add them as a friend. Adding friends enables you to push files, photos, notes and links to your friends.

Windows Laptop / Desktop Interface


Airdroid File Transfer

Transfer a file to your phone or friends

Airdroid Notifications

Receive your Android phone notifications on your Windows laptop / desktop

Airdroid SMS

Send a SMS from your Windos laptop / desktop to one of your phone contacts

Airdroid Call History

View your call history on your Windows laptop / desktop

Airdroid Contact

See your phone contacts on your WIndows laptop / desktop

Airdroid Mirror

Mirror your Android phone screen on your Windows laptop / desktop


The following are the screenshots for pushbullet on Windows Desktop.


Pushbullet start screen shows a mixed feed.

Pushbullet SMS

The Pushbullet SMS allows to send an SMS to one of your contacts on your phone.

Pushbullet Notifications

Your pushbullet notifications



Airdroid used about 160MB memory whilst running in the background, whereas Pushbullet uses 28.7MB.

Android Phone

Airdroid on an android phone uses 9.9MB memory, whereas Pushbullet uses 7MB.


Both apps for sending notifications to a Windows desktop / laptop are very good. If the extra features of Airdroid are relevant to you, then this would be best. If you want to conserve memory and some of the extra features in Airdroid is not required, then Pushbullet is best.

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