How to Fix Windows 10 Pin To Start Menu Broken Chrome App Shortcut Icon

This is the steps to fix the broken app icon, when pinning a Chrome app onto the Windows 10 start menu.

  1. Right click the Chrome icon and choose More > Open file location
    Right Click Chrome 
  2. Right click Google Chrome, choose Properties then press the Open File Location button
    Open File Location 
  3. Copy the chrome.exe file and paste it in the same location. Accept any administrator permission prompts. You should now have chome.exe and chomeCopy.exe. Rename chromeCopy.exe to something better such as chromeApps.exe
    Chrome Application Directory  
  4. Right click the broken icon in the taskbar then choose More > Open file location
    Chrome App Open File Location 
  5. Right click the Chrome App shortcut and choose Properties. Change text chrome.exe in the Target Property to be chromeApps.exe
    Chrome App Shortcut Properties 
  6. Click OK to close the Properties dialog. The icon takes around 5 seconds to change on the Start Menu.
    Start Menu Chrome App Icon Fixed 

You will then need to repeat from step number 4 for fixing additional Chrome shortcut app icons.

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