Free Google Nest Energy-Saving Thermostat with Installation

The Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat, which learns your habits and then adjusts the heating schedule of your house to suit your behavior.   This can lead to savings on your energy bill.  It claims it can lower your bills up to 20%.  

The Nest thermostat costs £249 with installation, so it is not cheap.

You can get the Nest thermostat with installation for free.  If you live in the UK and change your energy tariff to a duel fuel, direct debit, Intelligent Control – October 2016.  With this tariff comes with a free Nest energy-saving thermostat with installation, also your energy price will be fixed until October 2016.  You will not be able to change supplier until this date otherwise there is a fee to leave early.  

Most energy tariffs are only available for a limited time, so if you are interested then it is best to sign up as soon as possible as this offer could be withdrawn soon.

To get this offer just visit the link below and sign up.

Free Nest Thermostat

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