Gratis £ 10 Kabbee Lokal London Taxi / Cab Layanan Android / iPhone / IOS / Jendela / Blackberry App Promo Code

The Kabbee Taxi / Cab Layanan memberi Anda gratis £ 10 bila menggunakan kode promo berikut:


Cara menggunakan gratis £ 10 Kabbee Kode Promo

  1. Unduh aplikasi pada Anda android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone Smartphone atau Tablet from the relevant app store;
  2. Mendaftar ke Layanan Kabbee dan masukkan kode promosi DK4LWD;
  3. Anda bebas £ 10 akan dikreditkan ke akun Anda;
  4. Use the app to book your London Taxi Cab. Just enter your collection point and destination.

Short journeys can cost less then £10 which means that you might not have to pay anything at all for your first journey. The Kabbee service is only available in London, Inggris dan London Bandara.

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