How to add/remove users, change password, create, edit groups and create sudo user on Debian linux?

List all local users

cat /etc/passwd

You could also use the following command to print only the username part of the above /etc/passwd output.

cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd

The above parameters: -d: use colon as the delimeter, -f1 get the first field.

You must be root for the following

Add new user

adduser username

Remove user

userdel username

User directory need to be deleted separately if required

rm -r /home/username

Edit username

usermod -l {new username} {old username}
Change password

passwd username
Create group

groupadd groupname

Add user to group
usermod -a -G groupname username

List all groups current user belongs to


List all groups specific user belong to

groups username

List all groups

cut -d: -f1 /etc/group
Create sudo user

usermod -aG sudo username

Test sudo user

sudo ls -la /root

The above only works for root/sudo user

You will require to input the user password for the 1st time

If sudo command does not work you will need to install sudo package

apt install sudo

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