How to create a new file in Powershell?

new-item keyword creates a new file in the filesystem. The type of item new item creates depends on where the item is being created. Ut pro exemplo,, item, si de tabulis claves quoque partum novus subcriptio in subcriptio.

Type the following command in to create a new file in the current path:

II {filename.extension}


Et super hoc mandatum est, quia alias…

Item nova- {filename.extension}



II fun.txt


Morbi adhiberi potest etiam ad novum item.

Et haec creates a lima per viam cum aliquo contentus current:

m -n fun.txt -p . -it f -v 'this is some silly text'


In the above example we have added the -name, -path and -itemtype parameters with their default values. Omitting these will generate the same result.

ni fun.txt -v 'this is some silly text'


If you want to overwrite an existing file use the -force or -f parameter:

ni fun.txt -v 'this is some silly text' -f


Create multiple files in the current directory:

ni -it f -p 'file.txt', 'fun.txt'


Create multiple files in the c:/ root and things directory

ni -it f -p 'c:\file.txt', 'c:\things\fun.txt'


Directoriis creando

Vos can partum a novus presul pro mkdir utendo vel md mandatum novum item et profecta item ut genus Directory.

iii d-it amet


In c radix novum creare Directory:

m -n-it amet -p inter eosdem d c:\


Partum multiple directoriis in current semita:

-p-it i d 'fun,, 'Inepta,


Partum multiple directoriis in c:/ root and things directory

-p-it i d 'c:\folder,, 'c:\sunt  amet,


Et haec est mensa et alias ostendit parametri

Parameter alias exemplum Description
-n et non parametri
II fun.txt
Item nomen novum specificare
-it d aut -it dir aut -it directory
-it f aut -it file
Specify the type of item to create. Creates file by default.
Overwrite existing file.
-v 'Some file content...'
Write content of file
-p c:\
Path of where the new item should be created

Some commands that is useful with the ni command:

lsGet-ChildItem, lists files and directories of the current working directory. eg ls

gcGet-Content, view the contents of a file eg. gc fun.txt

mdmkdir, make directory eg. md mynewdirectory

rmRemove-Item, remove directory or file


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