How to get help and find aliases of commands in Windows Powershell?

A command in Powershell can have one or many alias.  An alias is the command but in a shorter and mostly abbreviated form.  Some aliases are made to match bash commands.



This command lists the content of the current working directory.
Alias: ls, dir



To find the alias of a command in Powershell use the Get-Alias command.


For example, find all the aliases start with r
get-alias r*


The Get-Alias command itself has an alias gal.  The following will do the same thing as above…
gal r*


Get-Alias also gets the full command of an alias
gal ls
Outputs: ls -> Get-ChildItem


We can also find all the aliases of the specified command with the -Definition parameter.  For example, let’s find all the aliases of the Get-ChildItem command. We use -d which is short for -Definition

gal -d get-childitem


dir -> Get-ChildItem
gci -> Get-ChildItem
ls -> Get-ChildItem


Get-Command finds the commands by command name.  Get-Command has the alias gcm.  So we can do this…
Get cmdlets starting with get
gcm -c cmdlet get*


The above is the same as….
Get-Command -CommandType Cmdlet Get*

To get help on any of the aliases or commands, just type help in front of the command.  For example…

help cp



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