How to permanently turn off the pinch and zoom feature in the Synaptics touch pad settings on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10


I am using a HP envy laptop and browse the web all the time. The problem is that the web page keeps zooming whilst I am moving the mouse pointer with the touchpad.


I found out that the feature is part of the Synaptics software and that I need to go to the control panel and go to mouse and touch-pad settings. There I click on additional mouse options and select the ClickPad settings tab. Here there is a check-box on Pinch and Zoom which I unchecked.

Synaptics Pinch and Zoom Checkbox Unchecked


Finally the problem of my web page accidentally zooming has gone, until I restart the computer. The zooming problem still happens on web pages. I check the settings in the control panel and find that the Pinch and Zoom check-box is again checked. This happens all the time, I unchecked the box, restart the machine and the problem is still there.

Synaptics Pinch and Zoom Checked


The only way to make sure that the pinch and zoom is permanently turned off is to make a change to the Qhov rais registry.

In the search box of Qhov rais type regedit and navigation to the following key:

    • Software
      • Synaptics
        • SynTp
          • Install

Find the key DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade. Right click on it and choose modify. Change the value of this key to 0. Click OK and close the Windows register.

Now the pinch and zoom setting will be unchecked even when Windows is restarted.

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