Como parar o seu PC iniciado automaticamente após a hibernação no Windows 8.1

Quando eu colocar o meu PC em modo de hibernação, ele inicia automaticamente. Isto é causado pela ligação LAN. When the PC detects activity on the LAN connection it boots it up automatically.

To stop this you need to search for device manager.

Windows Charms Bar search for device manager

Once in device manager find the Network adapters category and right click on the ethernet card or LAN controller and select properties.
Device manager network card / controller windows 8.1

Once in the properties of the LAN controller go to the power management tab and make sure the checkbox Allow this device to wake the computer is unchecked, then click OK and close device manager.
LAN power management allow this device to wake the computer windows 8.1

Now the PC should not boot automatically when using hibernate.

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