How to install Nano text editor in the Windows 10 command prompt?

The Nano text editor is a popular text editor in Linux.  It is possible to also install the Windows version in the Windows 10 command prompt.

  1. Download Nano text editor for Windows from this link.
    1. Go to the latest version that has a NT directory.  At the time of this writing v2.5 is the latest version that has a NT directory.
    2. Once in the directory download the latest version zip file.  For me this is
  2. Unzip the contents to the c:/ drive
  3. Copy cygwin1.dll from the Nano directory to the c:/windows/system32 directory
  4. Press Windows Key + s and type env.
    1. Click Edit the system environment variables
      Windows 10 System Properties
    2. Click Environment Variables… and select the Path Variable in System Variables
      1. Click on Edit, then click New
      2. Add the directory path to the nano.exe file which you unzipped earlier on the C drive.  Mine was c:\nano-2.5.3-win32
        Edit the System Environment Path Variable
    3. Click OK to close all environment variables windows
  5. Press Windows Key + S and type cmd to launch the command prompt
    1. Type nano in the command prompt to launch the Nano text editor
      Command Prompt Install Nano Text Editor

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