Ffilmiau NowTV Sky Free Pass, Spotify Premiwm, Google Music Chwarae, £ 20 Google Chwarae Credydau a Movie Rental

Google wedi cael cynnig sy'n rhoi i chi y canlynol ar gyfer rhad ac am ddim:

  • 2 Misoedd Pass NowTV;
  • 90 diwrnod Spotify Premiwm;
  • 90 diwrnodau Google Music Chwarae;
  • £ 20 Credyd Chwarae Google;
  • Rhentu Movie am ddim ar Chwarae Google;

If you have an android smartphone or tablet then this should be snapped up straight away. In order to get the free offers you will need to purchase a Google Chromecast 2. Google have not mentioned when the offer expires so it could be withdrawn at any time.

Google Mae'n 2 allows you to connect your android smartphone or tablet to the television to cast your devices screen to the television. It also allows you to cast various apps like YouTube, BBC iPlayer a Google Movies at eich sgrin fawr. It also casts the sound to the TV along with the video.

Google Mae'n 2 works for all devices running Android 4.4.2 neu'n uwch. Check out the video below

Prynu eich Google Chromecast 2 yma

Gadael Ymateb