Patiens et MAS laggy accelerare vestri Mauris quis felis (eg. Morbi quis, Samsung galaxia) aut tabula

After a few months you may find that your once fast smartphone or tablet slows down and gets laggy. My HTC One M7 was the fastest phone when I bought it, where I could launch and browse an app with no frustration. A few months later and even making a phone call became a frustration. I would touch the phone icon on the homescreen and the wait for the dialler was taking longer and longer. This wrting is using the HTC One M7 smartphone but you can also apply the same procedures to any smartphone or tablet.

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The main problem I found was the bloatware on the device. Bloatware is apps that has many features and uses the devices resources considerably. So the solution is simple to uninstall all the bloatware, especially the apps that I did not use. The problem is that the most of the bloatware was apps that HTC had preinstalled on the device. These types of apps cannot be removed. So the answer was to disable any preinstalled apps that I did not use. Also to uninstall any bloatware that I did not use.

Find bloatware et uninstall:

  1. Vade ad occasus
  2. Vade ad apps
  3. Vade ad cursum
  4. Uninstall uti aliquo apps quae alot of RAM

Ut pro exemplo,, Morbi quis venit cum M7 Zoodles (Kid Modus), which is an app for kids. It used run in the background when I switched on the phone even though I was not using it at all. Another is the web browser. The HTC One M7 comes with Google Chrome and the Android Stock Browser. I never used the Android Stock Browser as Google Chrome is a pretty good browser on the HTC One M7. The android stock browser again runs on startup and cannot be uninstalled. The following shows the steps on where to disable the apps which you cannot uninstall.

Here are the steps on how to disable apps that cannot be uninstalled:

  1. Vade ad occasus
  2. Vade ad apps
  3. Ius est ad hominem, in omni praedicamento swipe
  4. Tangere app quod ex vobis deerat erga uninstall
  5. Elige disable

List of apps ut non claudicans erret magis quod trahunt utendi:

Praesent eu dui apps ut non auxilium:

  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Missa
  • Morbi ut daret
  • Internet
  • Kid Modus
  • Sensus enim Morbi LinkedIn
  • Talkback
  • Tips & Auxilium

Other apps quod erret:

  • Tincidunt pretium phasellus ipsum Vivamus Wallpapers
  • Auto gyrari Widget
  • Auto sync widget
  • Basic seductionem
  • Bluetooth widget
  • Bullarum Livewallpaper
  • Aliquam urna tellus, faucibus
  • Calendar widget
  • Cloud Print
  • Data dashboard widget
  • Data vaganti widget
  • Face RECLUDO
  • FM Radio Widget
  • Get started
  • Text Lorem ipsum oratio-ut-
  • GPS widget
  • Vive holocausti Cochlide wallpaper
  • Internet
  • KeyVPN
  • KeyVPNService
  • Mobile notitia widget
  • Musica visualization Vive wallpaper
  • Musica widget
  • Populus Widget
  • Vive Phase Beam wallpaper
  • Profile widget
  • Lyrics widget
  • Screen splendor widget
  • Screen timeout widget
  • Sync omnes widget
  • Transfer
  • Wifi hotspot widget
  • WiFi widget
  • Iaponica Font

The Result
I found there is definately a performance boost for my phone. The performance is now the same as when the phone was brand new. I only have the apps that I need on the phone, which must be more than 50 apps but the performance is very good. The battery life has increased drastically and now the phone easily lasts the whole day.

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