Make your android smartphone ko kwamfutar hannu da sauri

A android animation is pretty slow. Speeding it up makes the smartphone or tablet feel more responsive. It also makes the android smartphone or tablet seem faster.

To speed up the animation, use the following steps:

  1. Go to saituna
    1. About phone
    2. Tap on Build number about 7-8 times until you become a developer.
      Unlock android developer
  2. Go back to the settings menu
    1. Go to Developer options
    2. Scroll down and find Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale & Animator duration scale
    3. Set all these 3 to .25x, .5x or .75x, depending on how fast you want the animation (lower is faster). I’ve set mine to .25x for Windows and Transition animation scale and .75x for Animator duration scale.
      Speed up android phone / tablet animation
  3. Exit the developer options and your done. Your phone or tablet should seem faster now.

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