This is a quick reference to the Linux的 file system.

The common file systems used on new Linux的 installations are:

  • EXT4
  • XFS

的ext4允許收縮和擴展卷, 而XFS只允許擴展卷.



無論EXT4以及XFS是軸頸文件系統寫入/文件保存到磁盤時,這意味著, the file system will save somewhere else temporarily until the full file has been successfully saved. It makes a log of the status of the write and will complete save operations by checking the log. This approach cuts down on corrupted files.



Linux允許刪除和編輯打開的文件. This is done by still linking the files to the OS even if it deleted. You can also move files whilst being partially downloaded or delete programs that are currently running without crashing.



Linux文件系統的設計通過在硬盤上保持的文件之間有足夠的空間,以減少碎片. This allows files to grow and still be written to the same location on the hard disk. Overtime though the file system can become fragmented where tools are provided for de-fragmentation.