Sut i dal fideo yn VirtualBox a ble mae'r lleoliad ffeil fideo dal?

Allocate plenty of video memory for the virtual machine. O leiaf yn dyrannu 128MB neu 256MB os oes gennych ddigon o adnoddau system.

  1. I osod y cof fideo:

    Peiriant Gosodiadau-> Display-> Cof Video, osod fel 128 MB

  2. In the Video Capture tab, gallwch wirio / newid y llwybr ffeil fideo dal.

    To change the settings check the Enable Video Capture checkbox.

    Video files are stored in the same directory as the VM by default. To view the VM directory, right click the VM in the VirtualBox VM list and chooseShow in Explorer”.

    Keeping the defaults is fine.

    Uncheck the Enable Video Capture checkbox once you have finished changing the setttings otherwise the video capture will start as soon as the virtual machine is started. Click OK to save any changes and exit.

  3. Now the virtual machine is ready for video capture.

    Click View->Video Capture to start the video capture.

    You will see the video capture animated icon in the bottom right hand side.

    To stop video capture right click the video capture animated icon and click and chooseVideo Capture”.

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