Wifi Модем болгох Гурав ба O2 PAYG Data Network өргөх хязгаарлалт Чөлөөт App

Та төлөвлөгөөг явах гэх мэт олон компаниуд цалин хөлс олгох, модем хязгаарлах.

Гэсэн хэдий ч, if you use Android you can still use tethering on restricted tethering plans just by downloading a free app. There are many apps, but many server ads, have data limits or are a paid app. There is also no need to root your Android phone.

Here are the steps to get you tethering:

  1. Download Tetherify from the Google Play Store.
  2. Set a wifi password in the Tetherify app
    Wifi Tethering Three and O2 PAYG Data Network
  3. Turn on wifi tethering in the Tetherify app
  4. On the device you want to connect to the wifi, find the correct wifi network in your wifi settings and enter the wifi password.

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