Powszechnie używane polecenia w Menedżerze Chocolatey pakiet dla systemu Windows

Chocolatey is a package manager for Okna. Idealny dla łatwej instalacji oprogramowania i jego zależnościami. It makes it much easier to manage software installs in Okna. There is no need to follow a software’s installation instructions as the installation process is always the same for any software in chocolatey. Chocolatey also allows multiple software installs with no user intervention required. Chocolatey also updates software to the latest version when they become available.


Install Chocolatey in Powershell by copy and pasting the following command

iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex


Get going by using the following commonly used commands

Search for a package with user’s string anywhere in the package name

clist {package name}

clist gimp


List packages that starts with specified characters

clist {package name} --id starts-with
clist gim --id starts-with


List packages that starts with specified characters and order by popularity

clist {package name} --id-starts-with --order-by-popularity
clist gim --id-starts-with --order-by-popularity

Notatka: The search command is an alias for the list command


Install package

cinst {package name}

cinst gimp


Install particular package version

cinst {package name} --version {version #}

cinst gimp --version 2.8.0


Uninstall package

cuninst {package name}

cinst gimp


List all installed packages

clist -lo

Update all packages

cup all -y


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