How to make a selection with the marquee tool using fixed size & ratio in Affinity Photo?


i Photoshop, you are able to choose the selection type for the Marquee Tool. Tá cineálacha Roghnú i Photoshop, gnáth, Cóimheas Seasta agus Méid Seasta.

In Affinity Photo (v1.6.4) there is no selection type for the Marquee Tool. However, you are still able to select using Fixed Size.


Roghnú Mheánmhéide Seasta i Affinity Photo

  1. Roghnaigh an 'Dronuilleogach Marquee Uirlis’ from tools, or press M .

  2. Roghnaigh aon limistéar ar na Canbhás

  3. Change the size of the selection from the Transform panel. Size adjustment is marked W: for width and H: for height.

    Affinity Photo Fixed Size Selection

  4. Drag the newly sized selection to where you want it.


Fixed Ratio Selection in Affinity Photo

The Fixed Ratio Selection in Affinity Photo is missing in the Marquee Tools. Unfortunately, Fixed Ratio Selection is only available in the Crop Tool, which can only be used for cropping

  1. Choose the ‘Crop Toolfrom tools, or press C .

  2. Choose ‘Custom Ratiofrom the Mode: drop down menu

    Change the values for the custom ratio

  3. Click and drag the crop selection on to the canvas

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