Install Windows IoT uz Raspberry Pi, izmantojot Windows 8.1 / 7 (/ Applydrive opcija nav atzīts šajā kontekstā.)

If you are setting up Windows IoT on the Raspberry Pi, you will only be able to install using the Microsoft instructions using a Windows 10 OS.

Ja jūs izmantojat Windows 7, 8 vai 8.1 tad jūs saņemsiet “/ Applydrive opcija nav atzīts šajā kontekstā.” kļūda. This is because the dism.exe version on Windows 7, 8 un 8.1 atšķiras ar to dism.exe par Windows 10.

Ir vienkāršs veids, kā uzstādīt Windows IoT uz Windows 7, 8 vai 8.1. Just follow the following instructions.

  1. Download the Raspberry Pi2 Windows IoT latest build from Microsoft Connect
    Windows IoT Build for Raspberry Pi 2 from Microsoft Connect
  2. Izraksts zip failu uz c:/jahta
  3. Lejuplādēt imgmount and place the exe file to c:/jahta
  4. Open a administrator command prompt and go to c:/iot and type imgmount zibspuldze.ffu. This will convert the ffu to a VHD image and mount it in Disk Management
  5. Go to disk management and detach the VHD
    Disk Management Detach VHD
  6. Next is to restore the VHD file to the SD Card using winimage
  7. Lejuplādēt winimage and install. Open the winimage administrator
  8. Click Disk from the menu and choose Restore Virtual Hard Disk image on physical drive
  9. Select your SD Card from the list and navigate to the VHD file which should be the following path “C:\Users\{lietotājs}\AppData\Local\Temp” .

Restoring the image onto the SD Card can take a while. After it is complete insert the SD Card into the Raspberry Pi 2 and all should be working.

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