AdBlocker Best Bilaashka ah ee Firefox, Chrome, Edge iyo Windows

Waxaan hadda isticmaalay adblockers badan sanadihii la soo dhaafay, oo ay ku jiraan i.e ugu caansan. Adblock, Adblock Plus iyo uBlock Asal.

Waxaan ogaaday isagoo adblocker ah rakibay waqti ka badan oo aan lahayn mid ka mid ah. Sababta si loo soo dajiyo adblocker waa si loo joojiyo xayaysiinta goobta iyo xayeysiis video. The bad part is when websites do not function properly because of the adblock. There are also websites that request the adblocker be disabled, which is annoying. I found that having the adblocker enabled created more problems than benefits.

I found the problem with adblockers is that they block every single site out of the box, and if I wanted a site unblocked, I had to add them to a whitelist. It is better if all sites were unblocked, and I have the option of adding the few websites that I want blocked.

Out of the all the adblockers I tried, Adblock is the only web browser addon that I knew of, which allows the functionality that I require.

Using AdBlock I was able to allow all the ads everywhere, except for my block list. I create my block list, by adding the sites where I want the ads blocked and everything worked. The problem with AdBlock was that my block list kept disappearing after a few days.

Adblock Blocklist

I uninstalled AdBlock as my blocklist kept getting wiped clean. I went without an adblocker for a few months and then I discovered Adguard. It is an adblocker that has far less downloads then the AdBlock addons mentioned above, but works exactly as I would like.

As soon as I installed it, I went to Settings and Inverted the Whitelist, which unblocks ads everywhere except the sites in the whitelist. All I had to do is add the sites, where I wanted the ads blocked, to the whitelist.

AdBlocker Best Bilaashka ah ee Firefox, Chrome, Edge iyo Windows


The Adguard adblock web browser addon can be downloaded for free from the following links:

There is also a paid version for Windows which adds the adblocking features across all browsers on Windows as well as additional features. WIth this download you don’t have to get the web browser addons. The Windows version is £9.90/year or £24.79 for lifetime, which has a 60-day money back gurantee. It is also Windows 10 compatible.

Download a 14 days free Windows Adguard Adblock trial halkan


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