Как да се създаде Docker Quickstart терминал в Cmder?

Следната таблица показва, Как да set up the докер Quickstart Terminal in Cmder.

  1. Enter the Setup tasks screen
    Keyboard shortcut
    Win + Alt + T
    Via menu
    + бутон -> дейности по настройката….

    Setup tasks button and menu

  2. Expand Startup and Choose Tasks
    Expand startup and choose tasks

  3. Add a new Predefined task
    Keyboard shortcut
    Alt + Промяна + +
    чрез Меню
    + button

  4. Name the task by replacing Group{number} with
     Tools::Docker Quickstart Terminal

    The first part defines the task category and the second part is the task name

  5. Define the task parameters.
     /ви "%DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH%" /икона "г:\User\Pictures\Icons\if_github_334641.ico"

    Here a custom icon is used, ensure that your path and .ico file is specified.

    /ви – sets the working directory, where new processes will be started
    /икона – icon that is displayed in the tabs

  6. Add the commands
     *"C:\PROGRA~1\Git\bin\sh.exe" -аз "%DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH%\start.sh" -new_console:t:"Docker Terminal"

    Docker Client on Windows should be run as elevated as we have set up here. Ensure that the path to the Git binary files matches your set-up.

    * – run as elevated
    -аз – program arguments
    -new_console:ttab name
    -new_console:г – директория


Your final set-up should look like the following

Cmder task setup for Docker quickstart terminal



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