Carane ndandani ilang utawa ora bisa digunakake Folder New lan New menu context item ing Windows 10 Explorer lan Desktop?

The problems

  1. Right clicking in Windows Explorer or Windows Desktop does not show the “New” entri ing menu context.
  2. Nggawe item saka tab in toolbar, ing Windows Explorer ora karya.
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+n, kudu digawe folder anyar, but on your PC it does not do anything.

The Solution

To fix all the above problems requires adding an entry into the registry.

  1. Open the registry

    Win Key + R

    regedit -> OK

  2. Now the registry should be open. Ensure the address bar is showing.

    View -> Address Bar

  3. Paste the following registry location into the address bar and hit enter.


  4. Right click the ContextMenuHandlers key.

    New -> Key

    Name the new key the following


  5. Make sure the New key is selected by click on it.

    In the right pane double click the Default entry and enter the following in the value data field:


    New Folder Windows 10 Regedit Key Entry

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