The LeTV LEECO 1 Pro Aman USA Version X800 Malware, TWRP Recovery, Rooting lan mbenakake Boot Loop Masalah

The LeTV The LEECO 1 Pro penerbitan telpon banget sing rawuh ing rega kurang banget. Some retailers are selling the phone for approx. £ 150. Nanging, telpon ora teka karo sawetara masalah.

The phone comes bundled with an old YouTube app which refuses to update to the latest version. The phone has malware where apps are installed in the background and ads are served in the Chrome browser.

At the time of writing there are no updated official ROMs. There are custom ROMs which should fix the problems above but there is no guarantee. Mulane, iku luwih gampang kanggo ndandani masalah ndhuwur ing ROM diinstal iki.

Memperbarui 18.7.16

Ing wektu nulis ana ROM resmi kasedhiya. Saiki ROM resmi wis dirilis. Bisa ditemokake ing kirim. Nginstal ROM resmi cara paling gampang kanggo ndandani malware lan app masalah karo telpon.

The TrustGo App from the Google Play store pointed out that the Ant Keyboard bundled app contained the malware. The YouTube problem can be fixed by uninstalling the bundled YouTube and installing the latest YouTube from the Google Play Store.

Telpon wis bosok kanggo mbusak YouTube lan app malware Ant Keyboard.

Pandhuan ing ngisor iki bakal ROOT LeTV Le 1 Pro USA version only. Nanging, rooting bisa bata telpon, so if you do go ahead it will be your responsiblity. Rooting also invalidates the warranty of the phone. You will also be able to unroot your phone at a later date and reinstate your warranty.

The following assumes that you are using Windows 10.

Rooting LeTV Le 1 Pro USA Version

  1. Instal TWRP
    1. TWRP will allow to root the phone. First it needs to be installed.
    2. Supaya kanggo nginstal TWRP, Sampeyan kudu nyambungake telpon menyang PC
    3. Monggo nyiapake PC sadurunge kita sambung
      1. Instal Jawa JDK 8 nggunakake Chocolatey
        1. Mbukak command prompt administrator
          1. Ketik cmd ing panelusuran, klik tengen Command Prompt lan milih Run minangka administrator.
          2. Copy lan paste kode ing ngisor iki menyang cendhela command prompt administratif kanggo nginstal chocolately
            @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((anyar-obyek net.webclient).DownloadString(' '))" && SET PATH =% PATH%;%AllUsersProfile%  chocolatey  bin
          3. Nginstal lan ngatur JDK 8 dening pasting kode ngisor menyang cendhela command prompt administratif.choco install jdk8
          4. Download, install and configure Android studio using the defaults in the setup
            1. Download Android Studio
            2. Bukak persiyapan lan nampa awal
            3. Ing layar final pilih lanuch Android Studio banjur rampung
            4. Pilih molor Ngatur lan banjur milih manager SDK
              manager sdk Android studio
            5. Ing pangatur SDK, mriksa Google USB Driver saka tab SDK Tools lan milih OK
              Android SDK manager driver google usb
            6. Close the administrative command prompt and then open a new administrative command prompt and type adb. You should see the adb command returning help. This means that adb driver is installed and ready to go.
              printah adb
            7. Download versi paling anyar saka TWRP dhateng PC nggunakake iki link
            8. Ganti jeneng file sing diundhuh menyang recovery.img
    4. Now it is time to prepare the phone before we connect it to our already prepared PC. If your phone does not boot into android then you can skip the whole of this #4 bagean lan nerusake kanggo #5 (TWRP) section below.
      1. Go to settings and then about on your phone. Unlock developer options by touching the build number several times.
        Android : Setelan -> About
      2. Pindhah menyang setelan, opsi pangembang lan ngaktifake USB debugging
        Android ngaktifake USB debugging
      3. Ing garis kabar klik ing tutul kanggo opsi USB lan mesthekake MTP sing dipilih
        Android USB Pilihan
      4. Sambungake telpon menyang PC
      5. Ing pituduh administratif mriksa telpon disambungake kanthi bener ngetik
        piranti adb

        piranti mriksa adb ditempelake
        Sampeyan kudu ndeleng piranti ing piranti adb

      6. Download SuperSU lan nggunakake Pangatur file kanggo sijine ing direktori ROOT saka telpon
    5. Lets flash TWRP into the phone. You should not lose any data, nanging yen sampeyan duwe data ing telpon sampeyan kudu nggawe serep mung ing kasus.
      1. We kudu boot menyang fastboot. Ing PC, Mbukak command prompt administratif lan ngetik
        adb urip maneh bootloader

        Yen piranti ora boot menyang Android, sampeyan bisa nyambung menyang fastboot dening ngoper mati telpon, terus tombol volume mudhun lan banjur pencet tombol daya.

      2. Once in fastboot you should see a small picture of a penguin in the middle of the screen. To check that the phone is connected, ing printah administratif jinis pituduh
        piranti fastboot

        Sampeyan kudu ndeleng piranti kadhaptar

      3. Ing command prompt administratif nggawe manawa sampeyan ana ing direktori file recovery.img lan ketik ing ngisor iki
        fastboot lampu kilat recovery.img Recovery
      4. Sawise Recovery wis flashed jinis ing ngisor iki terus tombol volume munggah kanggo miwiti maneh ing Recovery
        fastboot urip maneh
      5. You should now be in TWRP. In TWRP there may be an option advanced or settings to install SuperSU. If the option is not there use install to install SuperSU (diundhuh sadurungé) saka ROOT saka panyimpenan telpon.
      6. Sawise diinstal sampeyan bisa urip maneh menyang Android lan ing pandhuan ing SuperSU app.
      7. Sawise instalasi lengkap download RootChecker app saka Google Play nyimpen lan mriksa yen piranti wis bosok.
    6. Mbenakake masalah karo YouTube lan njabut malware
      1. Instal Gampang Uninstaller, Wangkal Trojan Killer lan Keygen Anti-Virus saka Play Store Google.
      2. Uninstall YouTube and Ant Keyboard. I uninstalled Cantonese Keyboard Language and Mii Browser as well as I was not using these. If you start getting errors, mung urip maneh piranti.
      3. Ngundhuh lan nginstal YouTube app saka Google Play Store.
      4. Mbukak wangkal Trojan Killer lan mbusak sembarang Trojan ketemu.
      5. Run the Malwarebytes Anti-Virus and remove any found viruses. Run the privacy scanner and follow the recommendations.

Sawise sampeyan wis kasil rampung langkah ing ndhuwur mula piranti sing arep malware free lan rampung iso digunakke.


piranti wis bricked

Your device may not be bricked. It may just look bricked as the screen may not turn on and it will not charge. If this is the case leave your device for at least a week without charging it at all so that all the power is drained out. After a week connect it to the charger and see if the LED light indicator shows. If the LED does come on then allow the phone to charge for about 90 minutes and then hold down volume and power button. The penguin icon should be on the screen. If you see the penguin then you can continue from E.ii from the instructions above.

piranti iku ing bootloop a

Yen iki cilik banjur mung terus tombol daya kanggo bab 15 seconds until the device is off. Then hold down volume and power button. The penguin icon should be on the screen. If you see the penguin then you can continue from E.ii from the instructions above.

Android ora bisa

Sampeyan bisa uga kudu maneh kerlip-ROM. The original USA version of the ROM can be found kene.

Aku ora ngerti yen aku duwe versi USA

Check the box of the device. If it has the web address of the USA website then it should be USA version, sanadyan aku ora bisa njamin iku.

5 thoughts on "The LeTV LEECO 1 Pro Aman USA Version X800 Malware, TWRP Recovery, Rooting lan mbenakake Boot Loop Masalah

  1. Salut, j’ai suivi toutes les étapes à la lettre, cependant quand je tape en mode admin dans la consolefastboot deviceaucun résultat…. c’est videque faire?

    • Lewis Jaishi

      Switch off the phone. Hold the down volume key and then press power on button. You should see a penguin on the screen (this is fastboot mode). Now connect the phone to the PC. In an administrator command prompt type ‘fastboot devices’.

  2. J’ai effectué cette manœuvre, vu le pinguin aussi au démarrage de l’appareil,

    mais lorsque je passe en mode admin sur la console : je tapeadb devicemon appareil apparait dans la liste.

    mais quand je tapefastboot devices =le néant completil n’apparait pas, la est mon problème 🙁

    • Lewis Jaishi

      The phone should remain in fastboot (penguin icon will show constantly on the screen) whilst you type the fastboot devices command. If the penguin picture goes off the screen then it means that your phone has rebooted and hence goes into android debugging.

  3. Vitor

    If I try to turn it on it beeps and the notification light blinks red and purple. Any ideas?

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