The best cheap web hosting servers located in the UK

Alot of web hosting companies sell their hosting in the UK and provide support from the UK although their web servers are set up in other countries.

Is having a web hosting in the UK important?

If you audience is in the UK it is advatageous to have web hosting in the UK. Having a web server close to your target audience can reduce the latency by 10-20ms. Having a localised web server can also increase your search engine ranking.

There are many companies that have data centres in the UK but buying web hosting from them does not guarantee a UK datacentre. These companies will have datacentres around the world and will put you on a web host that is efficient for the web hosting company.

Below are the web hosting companies that will provide you with a web server located in the UK.


Well known for providing domain names that are cheaper than anywhere else. The web hosting features are not bad either. It provides all the functionality that is required for a linux based webserver with no major restrictions. The price is very cost effective for the web hosting for the first year. The price does go up on renewal but still offers great value. Namecheap allows you to choose whether you would like the web hosting in the US or UK. Also namecheap provides one of the cheapest SSL certificates available which is very good value.


This web hosting company provides good web hosting packages. Their web servers are located in the UK. There web hosting is cost effective. The problem with UK2 is that if you are want to host multiple domains on a single web hosting package then there is a restriction with the number of email addresses. Only the first domain will have unlimited email addresses and subsequent domains will be limited to one email address. If you are not using the email addresses that come with this web hosting or you do not have multiple domains then UK2 is a good choice.

Heart Internet

Heart Internets web servers are located in the UK and offer a very good service. There is little restrictions with features and heart internet secures it’s web servers well. There may be problems if you require server to server connections as I believe heart internet does restrict this for security reasons. If you require managed hosting then Heart Internet offers the best value and their VPS packages are very good.

The following are other UK hosting companies to consider:

  • Squiral
  • Krystal
  • Eco Hosting
  • Nethosted

Others not hosted in the UK

The following are large web hosting companies in the UK. I have found that they are not hosting in the UK. Their datacentres are located around the world, so your web server could be located anywhere around the world. If you are not concerned about the location of your web server then the following are very good choices.

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